Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Test Animation :: Desktop DNA Printer Concepts (HD)

Design :: The desktop DNA printer concept model had many parts and many materials. In order to render an approximately 6 second animation in Sketchup 8 using Vray in any reasonable amount of time, I used only one rendering method -- light cache -- with the lowest possible settings. But doing this left the images dull and the background a hazy gray. About 88 frames were rendered by Vray, and I wanted to change the brightness and contrast on all of them. How?

It turns out that GIMP has has a batch script for doing just this called Batch Edit Color Brightness and Contrast, and it worked perfectly with GIMP 2.8. However, since I use VirtualDub to take my still frames and convert them into an AVI movie, and since apparently batch editing does something to jpegs that makes them useless for VirtualDub (I received "SOF2 maker found" error messages), I needed to find a way to batch convert my jpegs into something VirtualDub could handle (.bmp files worked). The utility I downloaded for doing this is IrfanView. The final video can be seen below, along with many stills taken to add some bulk to the otherwise lonesome animation clip.