Monday, October 14, 2013

SketchUp :: Copenhagen Suborbitals' HEAT E1 Rocket

DESIGN/SPACE news :: This is a follow up to the HEAT 1600 rocket already uploaded to SketchUp's 3D Warehouse (which can be found here). The Copenhagen Suborbitals HEAT E1 rocket is very similar to the HEAT 1x rocket already built and launched. Find the SketchUp model of the HEAT E1 here.

A Vray render of the now available SketchUp model of Copenhagen Suborbitals' HEAT E1 rocket. The final render was edited in GIMP.

There was a size comparison guide of Copenhagen Suborbitals rockets that served as the primary reference for this model. There were also a lot of references of similar existing rockets to base this model off of so the level of detail is a little higher. Still, it is simple enough for people to quickly download and begin modifying.

A quick "sketch" of the seating assembly was put in what appears to be a scaled up version of the Tycho Brahe capsule, and there is plenty of room inside the rocket's body to place the rocket engine and fuel tanks in.

A cutaway showing the simplified vertical seating inside the modified Tycho Brahe spacecraft. The rest of the rocket body was left empty. The HEAT E1 is heavily referenced from the existing HEAT 1X rocket.  

The HEAT E1 can be seen on the far right. The HEAT 1X was actually built and launched.