Friday, October 18, 2013

SketchUp :: MiSeq DNA Sequencer

A Vray render of the SketchUp MiSeq DNA sequencer model. Find the 3D model here. It is modeled to scale and would be suitable for space planning for classrooms, laboratories, and institutions. There are no internal components.
DESIGN/BIOlogy news :: Here is the most recent addition to the Helios Labs 3D Warehouse library -- a MiSeq DNA sequencer made by Illumina. It was modeled to scale according to the data sheet found here (.pdf).

This model is made based on external features only and is best used for space planning in labs or for simply taking a look at what a DNA sequencer looks like in 3D.

For more information on DNA sequencing, for which this machine is used for, see the Wikipedia entry on the subject here. It also includes a photograph of a MiSeq.