Sunday, October 20, 2013

Singapore Shophouse Study

DESIGN :: I was looking for a Singapore-style shophouse in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse and couldn't find any that were suitable so I set about building a model (3D Warehouse model here) myself. The best reference I could find was in Dezeen Magazine's article "55 Blair Road by ONG&ONG" which included photos of both the interior and exterior, as well as floor plans and elevations.

I set about designing the outer shell and a few of the interior features. I wanted to render it as well, both inside and out, so I used the Ong & Ong design for the first floor.

Despite the 3D Warehouse model featuring the Ong & Ong interior on the first floor, the basic shell of the shophouse will be easy enough for those seeking to modify and develop their own designs. Everything is done in components so even major sections of geometry can be modified or entirely redone.

The basic process of building up a shophouse have now been established as have the methods of rendering them under different lighting conditions. While Singapore's shophouses come in many shapes and sizes, future models can be tackled with greater efficiency -- the very purpose of going through with this shophouse study.

See more renders below of the SketchUp 3D Warehouse model and don't forget to visit the original article on Dezeen which served as a reference. The actual SketchUp model in the 3D Warehouse can be found here.