Sunday, October 6, 2013

RepRap Mod in Bangkok's Fortune Town IT Mall

FABrication :: In addition to Paradise Park's i3Dbot shop there's now a RepRap modification on display and printing at Bangkok's Fortune Town IT mall. A great deal of the printer has visibly printed parts incorporated into its construction, including the case for the LCD status readout located at the bottom left of base.

It's called the MendelMax 1.5, most likely after RepRap's Mendel machine, and runs software that handles .stl files. 

Unlike the i3Dbot shop, there's only a single model on display and a flyer on the table next to it with a phone number and some specs in Thai.

The machine was in operation printing a bowl-like sculpture and there was a neon green Yoda bust mounted on the upper right of the machine next to the plastic reel.

Spotting two 3D printing machines makes one wonder where else they may be up and running and on sale. It might be worth looking in Pantip or perhaps Chinatown for others -- Chinatown in particular has had CNC mills and lathes for sale for some time and most of the parts one might need to make a 3D printer from scratch including motion control components, stepper motors, and supplies to etch PCBs.

Over the next few weeks we'll try to find them and post them up as well as get more information on the two we've already found.

See the specs sheet (in Thai) after the break below...