Saturday, October 25, 2014

DIYbio's Quarterly Magazine BioCoder Fall 2014 is Out!

October 26, 2014 Check out the latest issue of BioCoder by O'Reilly Media in .PDF format for free here. BioCoder features stories on DIYbio and synthetic biology. If features a lot of interesting work people are doing in DIYbio as well as a lot of theory and perspectives defining DIYbio and synthetic biology.  

So far I've read the piece on Bioreactors and Food Production which is a very interesting topic and author Gregory Mueller has a very good perspective on the subject and how it relates to both biotech and organic farming.

My piece on "SynBio and Environmental Release" is on page 47 (or 49 in a .PDF viewer). It discusses what environmental release is, what steps in the synthetic biology design process can be taken to prevent it, and what steps are being taken today and what steps might be taken tomorrow to head off disastrous "environmental releases" as more and more engineered and synthetic organisms are dreamed up.

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