Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wuzhen River Village Animation (Converting .flv to MP3 with VLC)

designTUTORIALS :: This started out as a project to develop a logo yet to be finished. The idea of building a quick model to capture exactly the scene wanted for the logo quickly evolved into a chance to practice SketchUp animation and video editing. The subject was Wuzhen, a Chinese river village near Shanghai.

The buildings, bridges, stairs, and other main features were modeled from scratch while the pagoda, boats, 2D oak2D pine trees, and 2D people were imported from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

The music was "菊花台 Ju Hua Tai - Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra," taken from a live performance on YouTube.

Everything from still images to animation and music were spliced together in Windows Movie Maker.

I have lots of music on my hard drive, but for this particular animation I wanted to use some Chinese orchestra music. Since I usually listen to this music on YouTube and have no need to download it, how could I take a video of a live performance and use the audio only in Movie Maker? There is a way to do it with VLC, and below (click "Read More") is an excellent video that explains exactly how.

***NOTE***Make sure you don't have your player on "loop" or it will export it over and over again, overwriting your file, without end.